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in Linen Mastery

Since 1986, Esenteks has firmly established itself as a trusted, innovative partner to leading global brands, consistently setting the highest standards of excellence and sustainability in linen manufacturing.

Robert Lewandowski
UX Designer
Leo Grant
Art Director
Leo Grant
Art Director
Adrianna Diaz
Art Director
Emily Davis
Art Director
Leo Grant
Art Director
Emily Davis
Art Director
Adrianna Diaz
Art Director
Our creativity and passion for linen shine in every collection, blending tradition and innovation to delight partners season after season.
Driven by the highest quality

Esenteks pioneers innovation, leveraging modern technology to redefine the fabric industry.


Committed to sustainability, Esenteks invests in eco-friendly practices for a greener tomorrow.


At Esenteks, passion drives our craft, infusing every aspect of our work with dedication.


Esenteks upholds excellence as our standard, delivering top-tier products and services consistently.

Through relentless dedication to R&D, sustainable sourcing, and artisanal craftsmanship, Esenteks ensures the highest quality in every thread.
Esenteks melds innovative design with sustainable practices to craft superior linen fabrics, serving over 5000 clients worldwide and catering to the global fashion industry's evolving needs.
Founded in 1986, Esenteks has built its legacy on the pillars of quality, innovation, and a deep commitment to sustainable fabric production.
In 2011, Esenteks marked a significant milestone by earning the prestigious GOTS certification and showcasing its commitment to sustainability at the London Textile Fair.
2012 - 2013
Expanding their global footprint, Esenteks attended Munich Fabric Start in 2012 and further solidified their dedication to eco-friendly production by obtaining the OCS certificate in 2013.
In 2019, Esenteks received the European Flax certificate, a step towards their ambitious 2025 goal of transitioning entirely to sustainable fabric production.
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